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Grabo Ottovac

Introducing the OTTOVAC by GRABO. Glaziers, rejoice. The OTTOVAC is a brand new power tool that is going to change the way glaziers move and install glass or any smooth flat surface. It is a portable electric vacuum cup. It presents itself in a traditional pump action style cup, however this sucks onto your material with simply the push of a button, as well as releases pressure with that same button.

This new tool completely removes the pump action that is traditionally needed to gain suction to the cup in addition, it also removes any mistrust on the actual vacuum suction the tool has on your glass because this new tool comes with the revolutionary automatic on / off sensor.

The automatic on / off sensor is built in the tool that tells the vacuum pump to engage to build suction, and to stop when it reaches sufficient vacuum, careful not to build too much suction and break or “pop" your glass. On the other side of the issue, in the event the tool begins to lose suction or “bleed” the tool will kick back in and regain suction, so you’ll always be in the safe zone for as long as you need it. When the vacuum in the base of the suction cup reaches -55 kPa, the pump will automatically stop after a three-second

When the vacuum level drops below -55 kPa, the pump will automatically restart, reaching the required pressure during operation. The tool is rated to safely hold up to 200kg/440lbs! and is powered by 4 AA batteries.



Applicable Surface TypePeak/valley heights less than 0.1” (3mm), arc less than 5°

BatteryAlkaline AA 1.5 V (x4)
Working voltage6 V
Rated power6 W
Working cycle1500 ON-OFF cycles of 10 seconds
Service life> 10000 times, > 800h
Rated air flow4 l/min
Maximum vacuum rate-0.7 bar (-70 kPa)
Maximum lifting capacity200 kg (440lbs)
Dimensions200x200x90 mm
Net weight (with battery)1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
Working temperature0-60°C (32-140°F)

Grabo Ottovac

kr 2 610,00Pris
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